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Deep Culture Travel:

The California Coast:
Spectacular Sights and Destinations

by Karen Misuraca, Gary Crabbe (photographer)
Foreword by Jean-Michel Cousteau
Voyageur Press
Hardcover, 190 pages, 9" x 11"
ISBN: 0-89658-481-X

Awarded "Best Book" by the Outdoor Writers Association

A treasured keepsake for residents and a perfect souvenir for visitors, The California Coast captures the look and local color of this 1,200-mile strip of the Pacific Rim: natural and human history, the world-famous cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles, the historic Spanish towns of Santa Barbara and Monterey; wild Big Sur, and the quaint fishing villages of Mendocino and Eureka. The soul of the coast is revealed in the stories of unique Californians who embody the character of coastal towns and regions.

What They're Saying About The California Coast:

President of Ocean Futures Society and one of the world's leading marine environmentalists, Jean-Michel Cousteau wrote: "Karen Misuraca is our guide to this fascinating world (of the California coast), introducing us to the state's natural and human history in a truly inspired feat of storytelling. The California she shows us is not always the same as we see on television. It is more honest and more true to the way we really live here. Misuraca and photographer Gary Crabbe move beyond the glamour of California's culture to capture the grandeur of its natural endowments... the wondrous unfoldings of nature that happen all around us, each and every day."

Former White House Chief of Staff and U.S. Congressman, Leon Panetta said, "For those of us born and raised on the California coast, this wonderful book presents the unique natural and human beauty that we love and cherish. This coast is in our souls... it will move yours."

Associated Press Correspondent, Herb Boldt, wrote, "Misuraca is not only an excellent writer, but has a keen sense of what really is important from California's past. Her work will be enjoyed by readers and serve as a part of California's history for many, many years to come."

Review from John McCormick, New Hampshire State Library: "A veteran author and travel writer with several titles in multiple editions, Misuraca has expanded her territory by heading south from the Redwoods down the coast to San Diego. In this colorful portrait of the West Coast, she describes the environment, towns and cities, and attractions that make this 1200-mile coastline an exciting place to explore. Ten essays, providing both current and historical perspectives, are accompanied by over 120 color photographs that are sure to stimulate any armchair traveler's imagination. It stands alone as an excellent introduction to the California coastline for residents, visitors and students alike."
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